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California Wine Country with Steve Jaxon & Dan Berger

california wine country taste award 2017

We're so proud of our 2016 Taste Award!

California Wine Country with Steve Jaxon and Dan Berger is a live weekly one-hour radio show and podcast all about the business, science  and pleasure of wine.

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Whether he is interviewing an old friend or someone new, Steve Jaxon always finds a way to make his guests feel at ease and reveal the essential parts of their work and their success.

Our co-host Dan Berger is an internationally famous wine expert, journalist and judge. Visit Dan's web page on our site to read more about him. He brings a vast body of knowledge and comes ready to add informative comment to any discussion about wine.

There is no other wine show on the radio or on a podcast with such a combination of great fun, highly qualified guests, expert information and descriptions of tastings of interesting wines.

Steve Jaxon

Steve Jaxon at the Taste Awards.

Our guests are the most interesting and influential winemakers in the business. The show is produced in Santa Rosa, California, in the heart of California's Sonoma County wine country, so many guests come from nearby wineries  in California. The show also covers wine from all producing regions in the USA as well as other countries like Italy, France, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand and Chile.

The show's motto is, "We taste, we laugh, we learn." Each week, our guests bring special wines for tasting and there are always interesting stories behind each bottle and each guest.

The sample show presented here gives an example of the casual atmosphere and informative style of Steve Jaxon and Dan Berger. The guests come in with stories about everything from cultivation, wine making, the business side of wine and their own personal experiences.

Here is an embedded player of one episode of the podcast.

California Wine Country: Sample Show 1

SEGMENT 1: Steve Jaxon and co-host Dan Berger talk with Scott Lindstrom-Dake and Steve Osburne of Thumbprint Cellars.

SEGMENT 2: Steve and Dan talk with Kendal Jackson wine master Randy Ullom.


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• No commercial inventory need be given (i.e. not barter).

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Sample Show 2: Air Check of the Debut of Dan Berger, Co-host


Dan Berger

Dan Berger



In this show, we meet Dan Berger, who brought several bottles into the studio for a live tasting.

One of the wines was a "Chardenet," the original French spelling of the variety that produced what we all call "Chardonnay" today.

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