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Brew Ha Ha with Steve Jaxon & Mark Carpenter

Brew Ha Ha

Host Steve Jaxon with Dean Biersch, co-founder of Gordon Biersch.

Radio Show and Podcast all about Contemporary Craft Brewing

Brew Ha Ha with Steve Jaxon & Mark Carpenter is a weekly one-hour radio show and podcast where we interview the leading craft brewers from California and across the country and talk about the business, art and science of what they do. Of course, we also taste and describe the beers we're talking about. The conversation is always lively, entertaining and informative. Beer expert Mark Carpenter was for decades the brewmaster of Anchor Brewing in San Francisco and brings a unique perspective with his vast experience.

Here is the home page of the Brew Ha Ha Podcast.

Top Caliber Guest List

Co-host Herlinda Heras books the top caliber guest list that sets Brew Ha Ha apart from any other show. No other show is so well-connected to the top of the craft beer field and can boast of such an illustrious guest list, for example...

Herlinda Heras, with Mark Carpenter, Luc De Raedemaeker and Jay R. Brooks.

  • Dan Gordon and Dean Biersch,
  • Tony Magee, founder of Lagunitas Brewing Company,
  • Pete Slosberg, the legendary force behind Pete's Wicked Ales,
  • Don Barkley, master brewer of Napa Smith Brewing,
  • Richard Norgrove, Bear Republic Brewing Company owner and master brewer,
  • Logan Plant, owner and brewer at Beavertown Brewery in London, England.

To see all our guests and for listening links, log on to Facebook and visit the Brew Ha Ha Facebook page.

The Syndicated Show

The weekly one-hour show is in two segments of approximately 24 minutes, without any local sponsor mentions. More air checks are available on the Soundcloud page of Brew HaHa's parent program, The Drive, Jaxon's daily show on KSRO. Those air checks and these sample tracks do contain some local sponsor mentions which will not be in the syndicated show.

• Exclusive local broadcast rights are available for market-based cash license fees.
• Strong content and top-caliber guests attract audiences to any time slot.
• License fees are reasonable and negotiable, to allow local affiliates to make a profit.
• No commercial inventory need be given  (i.e. not barter).

For more information about getting BREW HA HA on your station, please contact Vicario Productions using our Contact Us page on this site.



Tony Magee

Steve Jaxon and Tony Magee on Brew Ha Ha.

Steve Jaxon interviews Tony Magee, founder of Lagunitas Brewing Company. Steve gets Tony to tell the story of his involvement with beer, from his very first batch of home brew through the long process of building Lagunitas into one of the biggest beer brands in the world. Tony describes the complexity of the job, its obstacles and competition. Perhaps most interesting for beer drinkers, we also hear the whole background story of how Lagunitas' signature IPA flavor was developed.