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Brew Ha Ha Podcast – Sample of Embedded Episode

Brew Ha Ha is one of two Vicario Productions shows that are podcast, in addition to their live radio versions. The podcast of Brew Ha Ha  has its own website, where each episode has a page of its own, with show notes and pictures, as well as an audio player for that episode.

The audio player for each episode of the podcast can be copied from that page and embedded into any other web page. We encourage our guests to embed their podcast episodes on a page somewhere on their own website. Here is an example of an embedded podcast player:

Episode: Ramon Tamayo from Anchor Brewing, Oct. 25, 2018.

Note that the embedded audio player does not contain the episode name, so I have added that in bold letters above the player. When you copy the code into your web page, be sure that you are viewing your page in the "text view" or "code view" mode and not in any visual editor, which may not take the code correctly.

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